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Active suppression of nonlinear composite beam vibrations by selected control algorithms

Autorzy: Jerzy Warmiński, Marcin Bocheński, Wojciech Jarzyna, Piotr Filipek, Michał Augustyniak
Typ: Artykuł
Wersja dokumentu: CD-ROM | Elektroniczna
Data nominalna: 0
Rok wydania: 2011
Nr czasopisma: 5
Wolumen: 16
Strony: 2237 - 2248
Web of Science® Times Cited: 32
Scopus® Cytowania: 37
Abstrakt: PL
This paper is focused on application of different control algorithms for a flexible, geometrically nonlinear beam-like structure with Macro Fiber Composite (MFC) actuator. Based on the mathematical model of a geometrically nonlinear beam, analytical solutions for Nonlinear Saturation Controller (NSC) are obtained using Multiple Scale Method. Effectiveness of different control strategies is evaluated by numerical simulations in Matlab-Simulink software. Then, the Digital Signal Processing (DSP) controller and selected control algorithms are implemented to the physical system to compare numerical and experimental results. Detailed analysis for the NSC system is carried out, especially for high level of amplitude and wide range of frequencies of excitation. Finally, the efficiency of the considered controllers is tested experimentally for a more complex autoparametric "L-shape" beam system.