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3D printers – new possibilities in education

Autorzy: Joanna Szulżyk-Cieplak, Aneta Duda, Bartłomiej Sidor
Typ: Artykuł
Wersja dokumentu: Drukowana | Elektroniczna
Rok wydania: 2014
Nr czasopisma: 24
Wolumen: 8
Strony: 96 - 101
Abstrakt: EN
In the last few years a significant growth of three-dimensional printing has been noticed. Although 3D printers have been around for about 30 years, they were very expensive, that is why they were available in the industry only in the majority . In recent years, prices of 3D printers have fallen more than tenfold, owing to the fact they are used not only in large enterprises but also in all kinds of educational institutions, small businesses or in do-it-yourself men’s houses. They are, inter alia, used to construct physical models, so much needed in education. Nowadays, one of the most popular 3D printing technologies is FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling). Relatively low prices of printers in this technology make them available for almost everyone. The paper discusses the technology of rapid prototyping, with particular emphasis on the use of 3D printing and appropriately matched printer to designed laboratory stand.
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