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Aerial method of plant protection with the use of an autogyro for sustainable agriculture

Autorzy: Małgorzata Bzowska-Bakalarz, Artur Trendak, Dariusz Marszałek, Michał Pniak, Martin Bagar, Jacek Czarnigowski
Typ: Artykuł
Wersja dokumentu: Drukowana | Elektroniczna
Rok wydania: 2015
Nr czasopisma: 7
Strony: 54 - 58
Abstrakt: EN
Despite the limitations in the use of aerial applications resulting from Directive 2009/128/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council and the Plant Protection Agents Act (OJ L item 455. 2013), scientific progress in engineering enables the development of new, environmentally safe technologies to expand the use of agroaviation. This paper proposes an innovative method of biological protection of corn against Ostrinia nubilalis with the use of an autogyro and presents the results of these operations. An autogyro adaptation for forest applications is proposed, and the preliminary results of a spray uniformity assessment are presented. Based on a two-year study (542.5 ha), the introduction of the Tricholet preparation against Ostrinia nubilalis was found to be highly effective (73.55%), which is a positive indication for the innovative autogyro method for introducing Trichogramma evanescens. Similarly, positive results were obtained for a liquid agent application using an autogyro-mounted installation: an even coverage of the area was achieved across the entire spray path width while maintaining the required dosing of the plant protection agent.
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Nazwa konferencji: Farm Machinery and Processes Management in Sustainable Agriculture, 7th International Scientific Symposium
Data rozpoczęcia: 25 listopada 2015
Data zakończenia: 27 listopada 2015
Miasto konferencji: Gembloux
Państwo konferencji: Belgia
Bazy: Web of Science Core Collection