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Additional trainings of students as a way to closing the competency gap

Autorzy: Marek Miłosz, Edyta Łukasik
Typ: Rozdział
Wersja dokumentu: Drukowana | Elektroniczna
Źródło: INTED 2016 : 10th International Technology, Education and Development Conference INTED, 6-9 March 2016, Valencia, Spain : conference proceedings [WOS]
Redaktorzy: I. Candel Torres, L. Gomez Chova, A. Lopez Martinez
Wydawca: IATED Academy
Rok wydania: 2016
Strony: 8590 - 8596
Seria: INTED2016 Proceedings, ISSN: 2340-1079
Abstrakt: EN
Numerous studies among employers in the ICT field indicated significant gaps in soft competences and ICT skills of Computer Science graduates. Lublin University of Technology (LUT) in 2014-2015 realized European project "Mega competent graduate computer science LUT directed to the demands of employers". Activities implemented during the project led to expanding and strengthening university / industry experience. Aims of the project were presented in the paper. One of them was closing the competency gaps among graduates in Computer Science. The following activities related to the organization of additional training for students were carried out: • workshops with practitioners raising analysis competences: ”Tools to team programming”, ”Methodologies and tools for application testing”, ”Mobile programming”, ”GUI interface design”, ”Generic programming”; • seminars with practitioners raising entrepreneurship competences: ”Simulation game decisionmaking”, ”Projects package management”; • workshops raising soft competences: ”Professional self presentation”, ”Effective business plan”; • trainings preparing to acquire professional certificates (ECCC and MS); • seminars with practitioners from abroad raising: analytical and substantive competences, business competences and professional competences. Such trainings are good student support in education. The number of courses and number of students who took part in the trainings were given. Presented training have been positively evaluated by the students in the survey. The results of this research were presented in the paper. Described project constitute LUT academic experiences and best practice contributions in higher education.
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Materiał konferencyjny: TAK
Nazwa konferencji: 10th International Technology, Education and Development Conference
Data rozpoczęcia: 7 marca 2016
Data zakończenia: 9 marca 2016
Miasto konferencji: Valencia
Państwo konferencji: Hiszpania
Bazy: Web of Science Core Collection