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3D technology as an innovative factor in educational research for computer science study

Autorzy: Maria Skublewska-Paszkowska, Edyta Łukasik, Jakub Smołka
Typ: Rozdział
Wersja dokumentu: Drukowana | Elektroniczna
Źródło: INTED 2016 : 10th International Technology, Education and Development Conference INTED, 6-9 March 2016, Valencia, Spain : conference proceedings [WOS]
Redaktorzy: I. Candel Torres, L. Gomez Chova, A. Lopez Martinez
Miejsce wydania: Valencia
Wydawca: IATED Academy
Rok wydania: 2016
Strony: 297 - 303
Seria: INTED2016 Proceedings, ISSN: 2340-1079
Abstrakt: EN
Universities have to ensure high educational standard. They have to follow the ordinances of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education (in Poland). Additionally The Computer Science Curricula 2013 give guidelines on what kind of knowledge students should acquire during their studies. 3D technology is one of the key computer science fields students should be aware of. Nowadays second degree education requires the students to be involved in scientific research. This paper presents possibilities of getting the students involved. These possibilities include research using: mobile technologies (the three most popular mobile platforms), motion capture laboratory and 3D applications. Students who are interested in 3D technology may develop their skills in several steps: preparing research thesis, conducting research for scientific publications and conducting research in student research groups. In all the steps the student has a supervisor who is an academic teacher. The acquired skills prepare students better for entering the labour market in information and computer technology (ICT) field. The article also describes the research that can potentially be conducted by students.
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Materiał konferencyjny: TAK
Nazwa konferencji: 10th International Technology, Education and Development Conference
Data rozpoczęcia: 7 marca 2016
Data zakończenia: 9 marca 2016
Miasto konferencji: Valencia
Państwo konferencji: Hiszpania
Bazy: Web of Science Core Collection