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Algae treatment effects by pulse power discharge in the water

Autorzy: Sebastian Gnapowski, Ruma Ruma, Hidenori Akiyama, Takashi Sakugawa, Masahiro Akiyama
Typ: Referat
Wersja dokumentu: Elektroniczna
Źródło: IEEE International Conference on Plasma Science (ICOPS), 2012 : abstracts
Rok wydania: 2012
Strony: 111 - 111
Abstrakt: EN
Summary form only given. The detailed study presented here has shown the effects of atmospheric streamer discharge plasma on undesired micro-organisms in water like algae. Algae are water organisms classified separately from plants. They are known to cause many hazards to humans and the environment. Many factories and holiday places have problems with removing algae. This study presents data about pulse power discharge in the water with algae was presented. Algae were treated by high voltage pulsed discharge (using copper pin electrode). Plasma discharge effects like, shock wave, hydroxyl radical, electric field and ultraviolet light were investigated. Generally, plasma and plasma-chemical processes accompanying plasma discharges in water have received little study to date. This study shows the electric discharge phenomenon is useful to inactivation algae in the water and the killing effect of algae is showing. High voltage electrical discharge in water has been considered as a potential method of water treatment to kill microorganisms, negating the use of chemicals such as chlorine that leads to disinfection by-products which may additionally compromise human health.