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Algorithm for colorblindness detection sets generation

Autorzy: Maciej Laskowski
Typ: Rozdział
Wersja dokumentu: Drukowana
Źródło: Information and Software Technologies, ICIST 2016 [WOS]
Redaktorzy: Giedre Dregvaite, Robertas Damasevicius
Miejsce wydania: Berlin
Wydawca: Springer-Verlag
Rok wydania: 2016
Strony: 95 - 106
Seria: Communications in Computer and Information Science, ISSN 1865-0929; nr 639
Abstrakt: EN
Currently there are numerous methods for detecting colorblindness. They differ in many aspects, e.g. the quality and accuracy of diagnosis, the spectrum of colors used during test or the ability of being reproduced on a mass scale. However, there is one thing that those methods do have in common - they are based on predefined, limited sets of color elements. This paper presents the algorithm for generation of colorblindness detection sets - so called quodlibets - pairs of colors that are easily distinguishable by a person with normal color vision, but are hard (or impossible) to tell apart by a person with certain color vision disorder within defined timeframe. The discussed algorithm allow to generate many different quodlibets, which allow not only to detect certain types of colorblindness but also to estimate the strength of a color vision impairment.
Publikacja do: modułu sprawozdawczego PBN
Liczba arkuszy: 0,62
Open Access: NIE
Materiał konferencyjny: TAK
Nazwa konferencji: 22nd International Conference on Information and Software Technologies (ICIST)
Data rozpoczęcia: 13 października 2016
Data zakończenia: 15 października 2016
Miasto konferencji: Druskininkai
Państwo konferencji: Litwa
Bazy: Web of Science Core Collection