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The “Architectural Jewels of Lublin” Game as a Tool for Collaborative Interactive Learning of History

Autorzy: Marek Miłosz, Jerzy Montusiewicz
Typ: Rozdział
Wersja dokumentu: Drukowana
Źródło: ICL2017 – 20th International Conference on Interactive Collaborative Learning
Miejsce wydania: [B.m.]
Wydawca: [B.w.]
Rok wydania: 2017
Strony: 1785 - 1794
Abstrakt: EN
The city of Lublin in Poland is a place of many overlapping cultures and religions: Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Armenian, Jewish, German, etc. Remains of these cultures are present in the city space in the form of architectural monuments. Unfortunately, the awareness of this fact disappears in society, especially among the school youth. The paper presents the results of a survey of the level of knowledge about the architectural monuments of the city of Lublin, Poland. The study was conducted among K14 youngsters with the use of questionnaires and 3D models. The results of the research show a low level of knowledge about monuments and their history. The next part of the article presents the game "Architectural Jewels of Lublin", which was developed as a board game, using modern information technologies such as RFID systems, 3D modelling and printing, gamification and real time systems programming. The technical layer of the game is an electronic board with the city plan of Lublin and models of architectural monuments, a sensory network using RFID technology, and a palmtop with game control software. The game allows the implementation of collaborative interactive learning of history. The article also presents the logic of the game and the elements of gamification used in it. The directions of its development and dissemination are also presented.
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Liczba arkuszy: 0.85
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Materiał konferencyjny: TAK
Nazwa konferencji: ICL2017 – 20th International Conference on Interactive Collaborative Learning
Data rozpoczęcia: 27 września 2017
Data zakończenia: 29 września 2017
Miasto konferencji: Budapeszt
Państwo konferencji: Węgry