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Aggregateu supply decision model for roadworks

Autorzy: Anna Sobotka, Piotr Jaśkowski, Agata Czarnigowska, Daniel Wałach
Typ: Referat
Wersja dokumentu: CD-ROM | Elektroniczna
Źródło: CC2012 Creative Construction Conference, June 30-July 3, 2012, Budapest, Hungary
Miejsce wydania: Budapest
Wydawca: Diamond Congress Ltd.
Rok wydania: 2012
Strony: 646 - 655
Abstrakt: EN
The paper proposes two mixed binary linear programming models that may be of help in the contractor logistic decisions on shaping the project’s aggregate supply chain. The problem is an extension to the classic transhipment problem, and allows for change of location of the works along the route with the progress of works, and for the constraints resulting from the schedule of the works. The model is to facilitate finding optimal delivery quantities from a number of sources of limited production capacity and with a limited transportation potential to predefined locations (stacking areas) along the road, minimising logistic costs.