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Air deodorization in rendering plants by two stage filtration with the use of fibrous ion exchanger

Autorzy: Henryk Wasąg, Lucjan Pawłowski
Typ: Artykuł
Wersja dokumentu: Drukowana
Rok wydania: 2011
Nr czasopisma: 59
Strony: 2678 - 2683
Abstrakt: EN
The paper deals with a new method of air deodorization by two stage filtration with the use of fibrous ion exchangers Fiban K-1 and Fiban AK-22. Presented results of pilot plant research on air deodorization in meat rendering plant confirmed that the ion exchangers could effectively remove from the air bed smelling substances. The efficiency of odour substances removal, measured by chromatography analysis, was above 90%. However obtained results indicated that filtration efficiency slightly depends on the order of filtration stages arrangement and manner of their regeneration. The best results were obtained when the first stage of filtration was done with Fiban AK-22 regenerated with base (solution of Na2CO3), while the second with Fiban K-1 regenerated by means of sulphuric acid solution. Presented results of determination of odour concentration by dynamic olfactometry confirmed the material as an efficient sorbent for many bad smelling chemical components having very low odour threshold. Odour quality of the air purified by two stage filtration with fibrous ion exchangers increases more than 10 times and is practically independent on initial concentration of odour substances and on the flow rate of the air through the layer of fibrous ion exchangers. The described process could be conducted continuously as the fibrous ion exchangers could be easily regenerated. The experiments proved that fibrous exchangers due to their high chemical activity and suitable physical form could be used in large-scale filters for centralized air deodorization.