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Algorytm generowania ścieżek technologicznych w procesie doboru obrabiarek

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The algorithm of generation of technological paths in process of machine tools selection

Autorzy: Arkadiusz Gola, Antoni Świć
Typ: Artykuł
Wersja dokumentu: Drukowana
Rok wydania: 2011
Nr czasopisma: 1
Strony: 8 - 16
Abstrakt: EN
More and more complex problems connected with desi- gning modern and future manufacturing systems (in this: flexible and reconfigurable manufacturing systems) force researchers to develop formalized, computer aided tools which help to solve these type of problems. In many cases they are directly connected with NP-hard problems which are in need of reaching methods from the area of artificial intelligence such as heuristic algorithms, genetic algori- thms and ant algorithms. In this paper the authorship algorithm of generating techno- logical paths was presented. This algorithm is part and par- cel of methodology of machine tools subsystem selection in casing-class flexible manufacturing system. Defined pro- blem is an NP-hard one and its solution requires analyzing great number of possible solutions. Input data for this pro- blem is [0-1] matrix of machine tools technological as- sumptions which is a base for further generating all possi- ble pathways for the synthetic product through the system with simultaneous minimizing number of necessary fixing operations. The presented algorithm, thanks to taking specified rules of searching, gives possibility to avoid necessity of analyzing all potential solutions. The article presents the structure of algorithm, example of its functioning and analysis of its ef- fectiveness. This algorithm based on conception of heuri- stic methods, can also be implemented in different pro- blems of this type and is characterized with high capacity and effectiveness level comparable with different methods used for solving NP-hard problems.