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Simplified steganographic algorithm based on fourier transform

Autorzy: Grzegorz Kozieł
Typ: Artykuł
Wersja dokumentu: Drukowana
Rok wydania: 2014
Nr czasopisma: 2
Wolumen: 20
Strony: 505 - 509
Abstrakt: EN
A modern steganographic method is presented in the paper. The proposed method can be used to perform anonymous communication. It works by hiding additional data inside a sound container. The data is attached directly to the sound signal in the frequency domain. The Fourier transform is used to obtain the frequency spectrum of the processed signal. The data is attached by modifying frequency spectrum strips' values. To avoid noticeable interference, the masking phenomenon is used. The hidden data bits are spread over various frequencies to avoid the possibility of hidden data removal. Moreover, the data is hidden in the frequency bands having a great share in the signal. It also allows for concealing information efficiently, thus minimizing the number of changes and gaining robustness with respect to popular sound transformations.