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Adverse events (AE) costs assessed in Poland based on existing Drug Programs – methodology of the project

Autorzy: Monika Szkultecka-Dębek, Mariola Drozd, Nina Wiśniewska, Kazimierz Drozd
Typ: Artykuł
Wersja dokumentu: Drukowana | Elektroniczna
Rok wydania: 2013
Nr czasopisma: 4
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Strony: 422 - 424
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Abstrakt: EN
The Drug Programs, Pharmaceutical Care and Pharmaceutical Law section (DPPCPL) within Polish Pharmacoeconomical Society decided to perform a research on the impact of the adverse events treatment costs incurred by National Health Fund (NHF) and by the public payer. The aim of the project is to develop a list of costs associated to different disease areas of adverse events treatment. The project consists of different phases. Firstly, a review of the drug programs financed by NHF will allow identifying the drugs used in the programs in Poland. It will be followed by a review of the SPCs of the identified drugs regarding the AEs occurrence. For the most common AEs treatment, Polish clinical guidelines will be searched. Additionally expert opinion on treatment patterns in Poland will be collected using an excel tool allowing for further costs calculations. Costs to identified resources used will be allocated using NHF and public payer perspective. The final report will describe the identified adverse events based on the list of drugs used in the Drug Programs in Poland, the results of clinical guidelines search, treatment patterns and related costs. The project will address an important issue related to the costs generated within the Drug Programs, being helpful for further calculations in pharmaco-economic analysis.
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