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Advanced car driving simulator - As 1200-6

Autorzy: Tomasz Kamiński, Michał Niezgoda, Joanna Gacparska, Rafał Grzeszczyk, Przemysław Filipek
Typ: Artykuł
Wersja dokumentu: Drukowana | Elektroniczna
Rok wydania: 2011
Nr czasopisma: 4
Wolumen: 18
Strony: 173 - 178
Abstrakt: EN
Article describes advanced high class research simulator of passenger car with complete inside equipment including adjustable driver seat, steering wheel, dashboard, gear selector, accelerator pedal, brake and clutch, parking brake etc. Simulator is based on six axis motion platform and original vehicle cabin adapted from Opel Astra IV body, purchased by Motor Transport Institute. Furthermore, simulator is equipped with dedicated devices which allow conducting research on driver's behaviour which is not possible to conduct in real traffic situations due to the safety issues. Researcher can record parameters related to driver's activities, which could be next analyzed and combined with data received from other external instruments. AS1200-6 can be used also for drivers training in dangerous conditions e.g. learning how to react to the abnormal behaviour of other road users or pedestrians and learning how to drive in different weather conditions. This paper gives an overview of the hardware and software components as well as of the research possibilities that are aimed at making transportation safe and clean. The results of the research are very important especially for the road safety. The simulator enables simulation of dangerous traffic situation in the safe virtual environment.