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Liczba publikacji: 35
Lp. Tytuł Typ Rok
1 Analytical solutions of a nonlinear two degrees of freedom model of a human middle ear with SMA prosthesis Artykuł 2018
2 Application of the Sherman-Morrison formula to short-circuit analysis of transmission networks with phase-shifing transformers Artykuł 2018
3 Application of type-2 interval fuzzy sets to contractor qualification process Artykuł 2018
4 Assessment of energy harvesting and vibration mitigation of a pendulum dynamic absorber Artykuł 2018
5 Changes in the attitudes towards consumers entailed by marketing 3.0 Rozdział 2018
6 Chemical and phase composition of the friction surfaces Fe-Mn-C-B-Si-Ni-Cr hardfacing coatings Artykuł 2018
7 Effect of curing time the fracture toughness of fly ash concrete composites Artykuł 2018
8 Effect of low-velocity impact damage location on the stability and post-critical state of composite columns under compression Artykuł 2018
9 A failure analysis of concrete composites incorporating fly ash during torsional loading Artykuł 2018
10 Game problems of control for functional-differential systems Rozdział 2018
11 Green concrete composite incorporating fly ash with high strength and fracture toughness Artykuł 2018
12 Independent devices and wirelesss sensor networks for agriculture and ecological monitoring Rozdział 2018
13 Influence of temperature and surroundings humidity on scaffolding work comfort Rozdział 2018
14 Information technology for automated translation from inflected languages to sign language Rozdział 2018
15 Innovative character of the contemporary enterprise and determinants of innovation Rozdział 2018
16 Interoperability of the health care information resources Rozdział 2018
17 Kinetic limit for a harmonic chain with a conservative Ornstein-Uhlenbeck stochastic perturbation Artykuł 2018
18 The mathematical problems of complex systems investigation under uncertainties Rozdział 2018
19 Matrix coatings based on anodic alumina with carbon nanostructures in the pores Artykuł 2018
20 Measurement of flight parameters in terms of toxic emissions of the aircraft radial engine ASz62-IR Artykuł 2018
21 Measuring cognitive workload in arithmetic tasks based on response time and EEG features Rozdział 2018
22 Mobile Application Using Embedded Sensors as a Three Dimensional Motion Registration Method Rozdział 2018
23 Molecular dynamics simulation of Ni thin films on Cu and Au under nanoindentation Artykuł 2018
24 Monitoring of the noise emitted by machine tools in industrial conditions Artykuł 2018
25 Motion Repeatability of Tennis Forehand Preparation Phase Without the Ball Using Three Dimensional Data Rozdział 2018
26 New forming possibilities in cross wedge rolling processes Artykuł 2018
27 On parameterization of the reinforcement phase distribution in continuous fiber-reinforced composites Rozdział 2018
28 The potential of using event marketing Rozdział 2018
29 Recent advances in information technology Monografia 2018
30 Removal of phosphate from water by lanthanum-modified zeolites obtained from fly ash Artykuł 2018
31 Security estimates updating of asymmetric cryptosystems for modern computing Rozdział 2018
32 Study of the impact of the technical state of the transformers with the LTC on the parameters of the EES modes optimal control Rozdział 2018
33 Theoretical predictions of anti-corrosive properties of THAM and its derivatives Artykuł 2018
34 Układ interrogacyjny sygnałów z refraktometru światłowodowego [Zgłoszenie nr (21) 420259] Patent 2018
35 Water demand forecasting by trend and harmonic analysis Artykuł 2018