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Publikacje Pracowników Politechniki Lubelskiej

Publikacje Pracowników PL z lat 1990-2010

Publikacje pracowników Politechniki Lubelskie z lat 1990-2010 dostępne są jak dotychczas w starej bazie publikacji

Autorzy: Wójcicka-Migasiuk Dorota, Chochowski Andrzej
Rok wydania: 2013
Język: angielski
Źródło: International Conference CISBAT 2013 "Cleantech for smart cites and buildings- from nano to urban scale", 4-6 September 2013, Lausanne, Switzerland
Państwo wystąpienia: POLSKA
Efekt badań statutowych NIE
Abstrakty: angielski
The authors have been exploiting a hybrid energy supply for a hotel building since 1999. The cooperating sources are: solar energy, geothermal system and power mains supply. The basic task for this composition is to provide hot water. The system is composed of solar thermal flat plate collectors, heat-pipe vacuum collectors, a heat pump with a ground heat supply and a thermal accumulation system of water tanks aided by electric heating. The cooperation among various renewable energy sources is connected with the need to extend the systems with conversion devices and, even at first, with the need to accumulate the surplus of energy gain. It is important to optimise the fluxes of generated power and load in the way to distinctly reach energy savings in traditional energy carriers and energy efficiency of the whole solution. The control software has the tasks: to measure control values, to analyze their dynamics of changes and to work out correct setup signals. Nowadays, these possibilities have remotely scattered automatics based on PLC controllers. This way an intelligent local network can be created to provide energy needs for e.g. a hotel and at greater size, for a district or even for a village.There is fully automatic monitoring and control based on PLC type S-7-300. The variety of algorithms have been tested to enable this system to work as a local smart grid and to select optimal parameters adjusted for current ambient conditions and thermal load. The adaptation control system has been used to allow for particular element diagnostics too. The described thermal energy supply system undergoes now exploitation tests after the modernization. Different control algorithms are tested but each test requires the whole year of operation, so the results are still expected.