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Publikacje Pracowników Politechniki Lubelskiej

Autorzy: Drozd Kazimierz, Boretska Iryna
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Wersja dokumentu: Elektroniczna
Język: angielski
Strony: 71 - 71
Efekt badań statutowych NIE
Materiał konferencyjny: TAK
Nazwa konferencji: International Conference of Computational Methods in Engineering Science
Skrócona nazwa konferencji: CMES
URL serii konferencji: LINK
Termin konferencji: 23 listopada 2023 do 25 listopada 2023
Miasto konferencji: Puławy
Państwo konferencji: POLSKA
Publikacja OA: NIE
Abstrakty: angielski
Support structures are commonly used in machines, devices and vehicles. In the simplest case, a beam is used as a support, or a more complicated, but at the same time light truss. However, sometimes the bracket needs to be able to adjust the force (pressure) or position. In this case, it is a mechanism with an internal drive, often performed hydraulically. This type of bracket, the damage of which was the cause of the road accident, was analyzed in this article. The research began with an analysis of the structure. Due to the limited installation space and assembly errors, it was characterized by different strength of individual nodes. In addition, materials with extremely different strengths were used to manufacture the supporting elements that work together. Subsequently, simulations were carried out using the finite element method (FEM). The support structure model contained a different degree of simplification in comparison with the real object. As a result of the simulation, it was shown that some parts of the support practically do not participate in the transfer of the operating load. The lack of automatic pressure regulation in the hydraulic cylinder can cause damage to the support system at the very beginning, when securing the load. The occurrence of dynamic forces during cargo transport is associated with plastic deformation of less durable parts of the structure. Small changes in the assembly method and the use of additional components can significantly increase the service life of the tested bracket system.